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GPS Tracking Devices

Our GPS vehicle tracking devices are the best on the market. There are nearly 50 different models out there today. Orange Detective Agency purchased and tested the top 10. We narrowed the field down to one particular unit, a 3-month battery pack, and protective case.

It’s easily concealed inside or outside the car. The tracker provides updates every 1 minute while the vehicle is in motion. The unit reveals the location of any vehicle, anywhere in the world, down to a specific parking space. You can see the current location of the unit on your cell phone. The unit also stores a history of where the vehicle had traveled, it’s speed, and the length of the stops. This unit is so advanced, 5 years ago it wasn’t even conceivable. What makes it even more remarkable is that it’s the size of a cell phone.

We have units available for same-day delivery or pickup. We can also ship overnite to your home or office if you place your order before 7:00 PM.

We offer rentals on a 1-week, 2-week, or 1-month basis. Or you can purchase for $899 (plus tax, activation and monthly service).

You can install it yourself, or have one of our investigators install it for you:

The device will run for 3-6 months on it’s own battery power, OR

We also offer hardwired installation — no need to recharge the unit every few months. The unit is semi-permanently installed inside the vehicle.

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