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Asset Research

Do you need to know the credibility of another person? We handle personal, business, and legal issues on a daily basis. We can conduct secret research on the person and get you answers within 24 hours or less. In fact, we use the same data used by law enforcement to locate criminals and witnesses. If you need information, allow us to assemble a detailed report on criminal history, civil history, divorce and other family law cases, marriage records, address history, property ownership, business history, verification of education, and more.

Your background check will be assigned to an expert investigator who will personally take on your case and will conduct a search of billions of records. It will include:

1. Complete nationwide criminal and civil court history research. Unlike other private investigators, we also have access to a proprietary arrest history database. This can reveal arrests which never were prosecuted in court.

2. A list of possible aliases used by the subject. This is a great way to check someones integrity by seeing if they are known by many other names.

3. A list of previous addresses. Often people that are not being truthful will lie about their past, in an attempt to hide criminal activity or other secrets. If they told you they just moved here from Oregon, but their records show that they just moved from Nevada it gives you a red flag.

4. A list of potential real estate held in the subject’s name, both past and present. This is helpful in understanding the subject’s financial responsibility. If they own a home, they are likely a lower risk.

5. Fictitious Business Records and corporate records, indicating involvement in any businesses.

6. Do you need additional background information? We have access to hundreds of data sources. We probably have access to the information you need.

How much longer are you going to let your situation continue? Allow our private investigators to get the results you need, fast.

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