Orange Detective Agency uses the latest in investigations technology to get the results you need. We have ultra high-definition video cameras, long range zoom lenses, night vision, 2-mile binoculars, and the latest in GPS vehicle tracking. Our investigators have access to multiple common-looking vehicles. We have the best equipment and investigators to get the job done right the first time.


For long distance surveillance that requires the utmost in secrecy, we even offer surveillance by helicopter. At a high surveillance altitude, the subject of the investigation cannot hear, let alone see the helicopter. An FAA licensed pilot, and a licensed private investigator monitor the activities of anyone, anywhere, from a mile in the sky. Video evidence is obtained, and investigators on the ground are available and in communication with the investigator in the sky.

If your case is criminal, our private investigators have training from the Orange County District Attorney’s Office. This allows us to know how much evidence they need to file a case, and make the charges stick.
How much longer are you going to let your situation continue? Allow our private investigators to get the results you need, fast.

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