We enforce more judgments than any other investigator in the State. Over the past decade, we have worked on over 1,000 cases. In the past year alone, we have worked on over $75 million in judgments. Private clients and lawyers from across the country trust Orange Detective Agency to locate and seize assets.

The two quickest and easiest ways to enforce judgments include seizing funds from bank accounts and paychecks. We can identify where your debtor has a bank account, along with their source of income. Once identified, we can expedite processing with the court. With some courts, we can often seize bank accounts and serve employers within 24 hours.


We also offer more complex services to locate and seize assets. Our investigators have instant access to DMV and numerous real estate sources. This helps us find vehicles and real estate. Once identified, we can seize these larger assets as quickly as possible. In some counties, Orange Detective Agency handles the seizure of more vehicles and real estate than anyone else.

Orange Detective Agency also offers special searches to find obscure assets. This includes pets, guns, investment accounts, and more.

No person or entity is outside of our reach. You can trust our experience and intelligence to get your judgment paid fast.

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