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Over the past decade, Orange Detective Agency has established the best resources and tactics to help litigators obtain the critical intelligence necessary to resolve cases quickly. Our detectives have access to the same information the police would use to track down a criminal or witness. But we don’t merely run a database report. Our analytics and experience help get your case to the next stage.

Our investigators frequently obtain information from police about the vehicle and driver in traffic collisions well before a police report is available. We have instant access to DMV, license plate recognition cameras, and many other sources to help gain valuable insights on your opposing parties.

We also have access to track down Defendants and valuable witnesses, even if you have limited information. In some cases, we only have a partial license plate or phone number, which we can develop into a real identity with residence and employment locations.

Investigators can also provide follow-up interviews by an experienced investigator — we gain trust, gauge cooperation, and ask courteous questions. Most of our investigators are former law enforcement, many with decades of experience.

We also do asset, income, and insurance research during all stages of a loss: prelitigation, settlement review, and even post-judgment to help with enforcement.

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