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Locate People

How do we find people so quickly?

We have the latest database access, including the same data that law enforcement uses to locate criminals and witnesses.

Over 90% of our missing persons are located within 24-48 hours within our preliminary budget. Your case will be assigned to a licensed private investigator. They will review the case with you, and work closely to try to solve the case quickly.

Many people are surprised to hear that we can find someone so quickly especially when they have tried for months or years. This is our expertise. We maintain access to the most powerful databases available. We also utilize secret resources and contacts that others only wish they had access to. These systems are not available to the public, and are definitely not available over the internet. Our resources are so vast, we often find people that local law enforcement has failed to find.

No agency has better or quicker information than Orange Detective Agency!

How much longer are you going to let your situation continue? Allow our private investigators to get the results you need, fast.

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